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Leslie Goldfarb Terry

MS, RN, HTP (Healing Touch Practitioner)

Over the course of my career as a Nurse, Nutritionist, Kinesiologist, and Healing Arts Practitioner, I have combined Integrative Medicine techniques, Energy Medicine with intuitive skills to uncover disease and energy imbalances in my clients, as well as to create customized wellness protocols for each of them.
My career has taken me in many different directions giving me a wide range of experience. I have worked with hundreds of young professionals preparing and educating them to be healthcare practitioners. I am keenly focused on self care protocols and protection to conserve one’s energies, rejuvenate and prevent compassion fatigue which can lead to hopelessness, grief and burnout.

Education, Training & Experience

Traditional Medicine

combined with

Holistic and Integrative Training

In addition to my Integrative Medicine private practice, I am a professor at the New York University College of Nursing. My formal training in Nursing, Healing Arts, Nutrition and Kinesiology spans more than 3 decades. 

  • Holistic RN / Trauma Neuro ICU     

  • Psych/Community Health

  • Professor NYU College of Nursing - 15 years

  • Masters in Biochemistry/ Nutrition

  • Advanced Training 2 years Trauma/PTSD  - Columbia University

  • Integrative Health Practitioner/ Healing Touch Practitioner

  • Holistic Health/ Energy Medicine  Mentor and Educator

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