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Emotional and Physical

Well Being are Reachable.

The world now is complex, stressful, and changing quickly with many unknowns. This time in history is unprecedented and one where our ground is shifting and we need support and healing like never before.

Many of us are first responders whether we are healthcare providers, teachers, therapists or caregivers. We are all responding to this time. It is a time when we need to call on our inner resources to resolve difficult circumstances.  
We are all in this together and need the tools and support to move forward.
Are you experiencing stress, anxiety, loss of passion, burnout, compassion fatigue or the effects of trauma from difficult environments and experiences?
Or are you in need of a new direction and hope? 

I can help you restore your body and your mind so that you can move forward.

Emotional well being and heart healing are definitely attainable. You have the right to feel good about yourself and your relationships with others. I am here to help.

My clients feel more relaxed, invigorated and focused in their lives — ready to pivot to a new path and make life transitions more smoothly.

My Practice

As an integrative medicine practitioner, I take advantage of my training across several health disciplines in order to assess, diagnose and help heal my clients. Together we work to explore the root causes (physical, psychological and emotional) of the challenge surfacing in the moment. I place an emphasis on transitions and how my clients navigate them. Illnesses are often a symptom or consequence of our fundamental lack of understanding about how to take the next step and where our energies should be focused. I often find my clients to be highly sensitive and empathetic.


Do you find yourself in a period of transition related to your health, personal, or professional life? I can help you understand the emotional and physiological processes involved in that transition and can help you to repattern your neural pathways and prepare you for the next stage.

I help my clients understand the emotional and physiological (heart and body) process of change — what the obstacles are, what needs to be worked through, and how to embrace change and establish new pathways rather than resist them. I work quickly, creatively and very intuitively, utilizing my tools to integrate with often just a session or two.


To extend the benefits of my sessions, I provide my clients with energy self-care tools that can be practiced at home. These custom exercises are designed to strengthen your immune system, increase your vitality, and enable you to function at your optimum self.

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Resources and Inspiration
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